At Hexafly we have innovative developments underway. We are developing new material sources for the Aqua feed, Chitin and Plant Nutrition Industries. Our products come from the sustainable farming of insects.

 “At Hexafly our aim is to bring an insect farming revolution to the world and find smart ways to feed the planet...”  Alvan Hunt, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER

Solve the aquaculture feed crisis

The shortfall in supply and demand is causing a substantial opening in the market for high quality alternatives that are economically sustainable and of a higher nutritional value.

Develop novel chitin extraction methods

We are developing novel chitin extraction technologies that are based on improving efficiency of the standard chitin industry extraction industry.

Bring an insect farming revolution to the world

We are committed to bringing sustainable natural commodities to the aquaculture, chitin and plant nutrition industries. In doing so we are enabling green and clean growth for years to come. We offer a new raw material source to the aqua feed, chitin and plant nutrition industries. Our products come from sustainable insect resource extraction.

Business categories: Biotechnology
Contact name: Alvan Hunt
Address: The Old School House,, Kilsyre,, Kells,, County Meath, A82 YF72, Ireland