Preparing your Business to Reopen Post COVID-19

Preparing your Business to Reopen Post COVID-19

Current COVID-19 measures would remain in place until May 18th - What Then?

That means another few weeks working from home to keep your business ticking over. But what happens after May 18th?

Well, if the measures are eased, it could mean returning to your office. And that means you’ll need to address several returning to work issues, including health & safety.

To ensure your return to the office is as smooth as possible, we’re hosting a complimentary ‘Preparing your Business to Reopen Post COVID-19’ webinar. This webinar will last 30 minutes and include advice on:

- Returning to work after the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Restrictions being laid down by the government to companies and employers.

- Showing you’re implementing the proper procedures.

- Your duty of care towards staff and how to take the necessary steps to document this. On that last point, we’ll even cover how you can monitor employee wellbeing, create a clean workspace, and create a health & safety policy within a health & safety management system.

And why are we offering this complimentary webinar? Because getting your business, well, back to business, is what matters to us most.

No event dates currently scheduled. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when this event will be run again.