Membership Fees

Your Chamber Needs You!

Membership to County Meath Chamber is open to all businesses operating within County Meath.

We aim to build our membership base from across all sectors so that we have representation from all the major players as well as SME's that operate their businesses from within the county.  By doing so we have strength in numbers and can then represent local business on the national stage both with the County Council and Government when it comes to strategic planning and also with other members of Chambers Ireland.

For a full list of benefits to support your business, see here.  If you would like to join please click here.

Sole Trader

Employees: 1
Price: €250.00


Employees: 2-5
Price: €350.00

SME Small

Employees: 6-20
Price: €450.00

SME Medium

Employees: 21-50
Price: €600.00

SME Large

Employees: 51-100
Price: €900.00


Employees: 100+
Price: €3,000.00