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    Introducing the NEW shop local
    business initiative for County Meath

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    Introducing the NEW shop local
    business initiative for County Meath

Register your business to accept payments using the Mí Meath Gift Card

Essentially all business types - from retail and service providers to corporate bodies, charity and sports organisations can accept the Mí Meath Gift Card.

We are aiming for this initiative to become a county-wide community-based effort to drive consumer spending to local businesses, to support our local enconomy.

Whether you want to encourage more consumers into your store or business, or provide cards for your staff or members, then this scheme is for you.
It is cheaper and easier than traditional gifts cards and it’s LOCAL!

You can also further incentivise your customers with deals or discounts exclusive to Mí Meath card holders, extending and promoting the value of the card. As we said - this is an initiave everyone can be proud to be part of, in which everyone wins.

If you have a business in County Meath and you accept card payments then SIGN UP NOW!

Business Details

Contact Details

Card Terminal Details

In order to accept payments using the Mí Meath pre-paid card, we need to register every merchant with our payment processor.
In order to do this, we require your Card Acceptor ID.

You may need to contact your acquirer to retrieve this information and it is very important that this is filled in with correct spacing or capitals as required.  If the Card Acceptor ID is entered incorrectly the Mí Meath card will be declined at your terminal.

There is space below to fill in multiple card acceptor ID’s, if you have more than one.

Direct Debit Details

It is FREE to register to accept MiMeath Cards.



Click here to download the Direct Debit Mandate PDF

We will also require the original signed Direct Debit Mandate by post