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Timoney Technology
Phone: +353 4690 55100
Address: IDA Technology Park, Johnstown,, Navan,, Co. Meath, Ireland., C15 PX45, Ireland

About Timoney Mobility Systems

 Timoney has been in business for nearly 50 years working on heavy duty vehicle systems in the international marketplace.

Timoney's technical prowess is in the area of mobility systems: starting at the driver's seat and ending where the tyre or track meets the ground.

Timoney are world leading experts in Mobility Systems for heavy vehicles and specialist vehicle applications. Timoney design, prototype and manufacture Drivelines and Independent Suspension Systems to meet client mobility requirements and provide Vehicle Dynamics solutions using advanced modelling techniques.

Because Timoney's business is providing new Mobility Systems Solutions to a demanding and diverse customer base of substantial corporations, Timoney has deepened its commitment and grown its experience in innovation. Timoney can therefore develop new mobility systems solutions rapidly and cost effectively so that customers can concentrate on their own core competence.

Our client list covers the globe and includes leading vehicle OEMs as well as highly specialised operators. Our mobility systems are used worldwide on Airport Rescue Fire fighting vehicles, municipal fire trucks, logistics trucks, military vehicles, dump trucks, unmanned vehicles and other applications where rugged design and construction are required to give high performance in demanding environments.

Productivity and safety, especially in the area of controlling dangerous and injurious lateral forces are key area of interest at Timoney.