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    Introducing the NEW shop local
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mí Meath Customer Support

If you need help with your Mí Meath card, please email your query to help@mimeath.ie and a member of the team will be in touch.


Remember to include a mobile contact number and the long number on the back of your card that starts with '2000'


To Activate your Mí Meath card, Check your Balance or Retrieve your PIN visit www.mimeath.ie

To report a Mí Meath card lost or stolen, simply login to your Mí Meath account or call the Helpline on 046 9017124


Mí Meath Customer Support is closed on December 24th & 25th and on January 1st 2023.


Mí Meath Card Not Working?

Is the store where I am trying to spend registered to accept Mí Meath card payents?  

You can ask the shop keeper or check the full list of 'Where to Spend ' Check out the full list HERE


Is my Mí Meath card activated? 

Mí Meath cards must be Activated before you can spend. Once Activated, you will receive a PIN by text.  The first time you use your Mí Meath card you must enter the PIN.  After that you can 'Tap'


To Activate a Mí Meath card log in to your Mí Meath Personal Account and click 'Activate' Click HERE to login

If you are having trouble Activating your Mí Meath Card please email help@mimeath.ie and a member of the team will be in touch.  Remember to include a mobile contact number and the long number on the back of your card starting with '2000'


Is there enough money on the card to complete the transaction? 

You can check your balance by visiting www.mimeath.ie and choosing 'Check Balance'


Is the PIN required?  Request a PIN reminder by text on www.mimeath.ie 

The PIN is required for the first transaction and after every 5th contactless transaction.  If you've forgotten your PIN reminder request a PIN reminder by text on www.mimeath.ie

So what is it?

Mí Meath is a shop local initiative managed and promoted by County Meath Chamber to support businesses in Meath by encouraging consumers to spend in the county and keep money circulating in the locality.

Mí Meath is designed to encourage consumers to buy the card for PERSONAL USE, as well as buying it as a gift for a loved one or for a special occassion. Business owners in Meath will be encouraged to use Mí Meath cards as staff incentives and to gift to staff and clients at Christmas time. Offering unrivaled choice, the Mí Meath card can be used for the purchase of consumer goods and services from ALL business sectors operating within County Meath, both online and in-store.

Supported by Meath County Council, Meath LEO, Meath LGFA & GAA, this unique initiative draws on the county colours to encourage businesses and consumers to don the county jersey and support each other to grow our local economy – so come on and join Team Mí Meath!

How does it work?

Mí Meath cards are prepaid, chip 'n' pin Mastercards®..They work just like any other debit card.  Mi Meath cards can be spent instore (tap for purchases up to €50 and use your pin for larger purchases) or online, just like any other debit/credit card.

Buy a Mí Meath card online or call us on 046 9046060.  Load between €15-150,  Mí Meath cards are re-loadable so you can top-up at any time.

Mí Meath Plus cards for business use can be loaded from €150 - €500. 

With NO reducing balance or hidden fees, its a win, win for Meath!

Please refer to terms and conditions for full details.

What does it cost?

Mí Meath have no handling charges.  There are no costs associated with using the card either online or instore.  Standard postage apply.

Please refer to the terms of conditions for details on any other fees.

Where can I use my Mí Meath card?

You can use your Mí Meath card within County Meath to promote shopping local.  We've a full list of businesses who've signed up to accept the card on our Where To Spend directory.

How do I manage my card?

Once you register you can buy your Mí Meath Mastercard through your online portal.

We've included a whole range of functionality to help you manage your Mí Meath card(s), including:

  • Purchase a card for yourself or as a gift for someone else
  • Activate new cards
  • Check your balance
  • View your transactions
  • Block your card if lost or stolen
  • Unblock your card if you find it again
  • Update your account details
  • and more...