County Meath Chamber has a seat on each of the following boards, committees and working groups so as to ensure business interests are at the heart of local and regional policy and initiatives.

Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan
Rep: Paula McCaul, CEO County Meath Chamber
The Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan builds on the success of the Mid-East Regional Action Plan for Jobs (2016–2017) to ensure that it remains effective and that it continues to deliver jobs across the Mid-East region and can be robust to address the challenges we face, including Brexit

Mid-East Regional Skills Forum
Rep: Paula McCaul, CEO County Meath Chamber
The Network of Regional Skills Fora was created in 2016 as part of the Government’s National Skills Strategy to provide an opportunity for employers and the education and training system to work together to meet the emerging skills needs of their regions.

Local Economic & Community Plan Advisory Committee (LCDC)
Rep: Michael Hughes, President County Meath Chamber
Meath Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) was established in 2014. LCDCs are established in all Local Authorities and are part of Local Government Reform. They have a key function to achieve joined up approaches to local and community development.

Meath Local Community Development Committee
Rep:  Ciara Burke, Sage & Stone Duleek.  Meath Local Community Development Committee is the Local Action Group (LAG) for the delivery of the LEADER Programme in County Meath. The LCDC consists of both public and private sector partners from within the administrative boundary of the County and comprises 19 members, 10 from the private sector and nine from the public sector. Membership 51% Non Statutory and 49% Statutory.

Meath County Council Strategic Policy Committees
County Meath Chamber have nominees on the following SPC’s
•    Planning, Economic Development, Enterprise & European Affairs - Rep: Michael Wall, Lifetime Financial Planning
•    Housing Community & Cultural Development
•    Climate Action, Environment & Emergency Services - Rep:  John Paul Gilroy, College Group
•    Environmental Services and Water

Meath Heritage Forum
Rep:  Niamh GIffney, DNG Royal Meath

Meath/Boyne Valley Tourism Committee

East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade Community Forum - Rep:  Pat Smith, Local Power
Kildare Meath Grid Upgrade Community Forum -  Rep:  Pat Smith, Local Power