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Ambit Compliance - Business of the month

Ambit Compliance
Can you describe your business?
We are data protection consultants who help businesses with their GDPR, ePrivacy and data protection compliance. In practicality this means conducting training and raising awareness with staff, analysing the business for compliance gaps, creating policies and procedures and helping the business roll them out. We help clients with emergencies such as data breaches and subject access requests. In essence we are your one stop shop for all your compliance needs.

Indaver - Business of the month

Can you describe your business?
Partner to our customer’s needs We help our customers navigate the complex and ever-changing waste management environment. Our Waste-to-Energy Facility in Duleek, Meath, provides waste collectors, Local Authorities and industrial waste producers with a local waste-to-energy treatment solution for their residual waste. Partner to the circular economy In a circular economy materials that are recovered from waste are reintroduced as raw materials for their original purpose, or to make new products. Indaver brings waste back into the materials chain as much as possible. We ensure that hazardous or harmful substances stay out of the food and materials chain.