CONNECT Performance

CONNECT Performance

Hi, I'm Paul Clarke, founder of CONNECT Performance. We're a training & development company for small-medium professional firms.

We specialise in offering a unique scientific performance & wellbeing solution designed to help HR & business leaders achieve better results through healthier, happier & higher-performing people.

Addressing stubborn wellbeing issues e.g. burnout, absenteeism & presenteeism, the "4i" CONNECT strategy & process empowers you to overcome ongoing concerns e.g. client retention, writing new business, staff turnover, attracting new talent and lack of reliable insight on ROI to evaluate wellbeing & people-performance initiatives.

The CONNECT program is rooted in the immutable 3S principles of wellbeing & human performance;

STRESS - understanding your daily stress levels and how you can manage & balance stress
SLEEP - understanding your sleep patterns; quality of sleep is as important as quantity
STAYING ACTIVE - understanding how recommended physical activity levels can improve how you feel & function.

I believe that everyone can perform to exceed expectations in the workplace AND lead a healthier, happier life. The CONNECT approach, alongside the leading-edge FirstBeat® technology, helps release people’s latent & suppressed capabilities. In turn your firm becomes oversubscribed and you'll have peers look on with curiosity and envy at your growing status and reputation.

If driving company performance through improved people-performance sounds like a winning approach then CONNECT could be a great fit for you. I’d like to invite you to a complimentary 10-minute discovery meeting with me.
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