Directionality Horizons Ltd

Directionality Horizons Ltd

At Directionality we help our clients navigate changing and challenging situations allowing them to quite simply work, better. 

Using a combination of psychological rigour, commercial insight and personal rapport, we design and develop the best solution to our clients' challenges. 

Our business psychology services bring together a wide range of support mechanisms to enhance and promote psychological wellbeing in and out of the workplace, leading to increased retention and performance, heightened innovation and a stronger company culture that embraces diversity and innovation in a very real and practical sense. 

For the individual, working with Directionality means a greater sense of resilience, empowerment and growth, reducing the anxiety and easing the struggle that can often be paired with life in the 21st Century.

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Business categories: Health and Wellbeing, Business Coaching
Contact name: Niamh Gaffney
Address: Ardlonan, Kilbeg, Kells, A82R9W0, Ireland