ASF Recruitment

ASF Recruitment

Hello Fellow Chamber Members,

My name is Alan Finnegan and I am the CEO at ASF Recruitment. 

I am an independent multi sector recruitment consultant, so essentially I headhunt talent and skills sets for my clients and customers on demand or on request. 

As a specialist headhunter I work with clients nationwide and also in the UK through ASF Recruitment UK. 

ASF Recruitment was established in 2012 and has successfully developed a strong reputation within the Irish Recruitment market.  ASF Recruitment won the Best New Business Award in 2012 at the Meath Business & Tourism Awards.  ASF Recruitment is also a member of the National Recruitment Federation (NRF).

I look forward to adding value to the County Meath Chamber and hope to assist fellow members with their recruitment requirements.

Business categories: Recruitment
Contact name: Alan Finnegan
Address: Dean Hill, Hayes, Navan, Meath, C15P528, Ireland
Country location of international offices: Ireland