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Rowan Engineering Consultants
Question 1. Can you describe your business?
We have 18 excellent people that provide two specialist services - Environmental and Forensic Engineering. Our Environmental team offer a comprehensive range of environmental consultancy services to enable clients meet their statutory environmental obligations and sustainability goals. These services include Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR), Environmental Planning, Renewable Energy Projects, Energy & Sustainability Audits, Due Diligence (Phase 1 and 2) Surveys and Industrial Emissions (IE) licenses. Our clients include local authorities (Meath, Cork, Leitrim, Wicklow & Wexford County Councils) and leading companies such as the Kepak Group, Tayto Snacks, Tayto Park, College Proteins, Panda, EDF, Coffey Group, Natural Forces, Cooley Distillery and West Cork Distillery. Our Forensic team investigate accidents involving personal injury or property damage, create a technical report and then provide expert evidence in court. We work with a range of leading insurance companies, solicitors and industrial clients including IPB (Insurers for the local authorities including Meath County Council), State Claims Agency (who represent Navan Hospital), AIG, Liberty, Allianz, Zurich, RSA, AXA and FBD
Question 2. What is your vision for your Business?
Our vision is to “Complete excellent work and achieve our business goals, while maintaining our sense of humour”.
Question 3. What are the advantages of being located in County Meath?
As a proud Rathkenny man, I am delighted that our head office is based in Meath. I think Trim is a beautiful town with lots of character. Our team includes nine Royals with everyone else hailing from Dublin, Cavan, Westmeath and Galway. Trim is a central location and I find its character and proximity to Dublin is essential for attracting new talent to the business. The recent addition of Prepaid Financial Services has also enhanced the reputation and profile of Scurlockstown Business Park
Question 4. How long have you been Located/ Operating in County Meath?
The business started in my spare bedroom in Navan over 20 years ago and has never left Meath since, although we have a satellite office in Galway.
Question 5. Why do your Customers choose to do business with you?
The best way to answer this is to ask our clients. However without being presumptuous, I believe we have developed a trusting relationship with our clients, based on our expertise and practical advice. We have grown alongside many of our original clients and our main source of growth is through word of mouth and referrals from our existing clients.
Question 6. Why did you join County Meath Chamber?
The best way to get to know a community is to be a part of it. The Meath Chamber of Commerce gives us a great opportunity to meet with like-minded companies and individuals in the community. We have benefitted from many of the networking days, learning opportunities and expos. We exhibited at the Meath Chamber - Careers Expo 2019, where we met and hired Sarah Caraher, who is proving to be a very valuable member of our environmental ‘sustainability and energy’ team.
Question 7. What excites you most about the future?
I believe the increasing profile of the environment and sustainability not only benefits society but provides Rowan with a great opportunity to grow our environmental business through organic growth, partnerships and acquisition. Nationally, the environmental team are involved is some fantastic renewable energy projects including solar farms, community wind turbines and anaerobic digestion (AD). In Meath we are involved in the planning stages of a very exciting project which would involve a state of the art AD facility for Renewa Farms, producing biogas for Virginia Transport, who are developing a bio gas infrastructure network in Ireland and a fleet of biogas trucks. In time, we believe Ireland will be able to catch up with the amazing AD facilities we have visited in Sweden, Denmark and Germany over the past 20 years. We are also in the process of finalising a planning submission for a solar farm in south east Meath which will have an export capacity of 5MW – enough to power 1000 homes. On the social responsibility side we are delighted to be involved in a ‘Woodland Environmental Fund’ forestry project with a local farmer, who is hoping to develop 17 acres of native Irish woodland with a walking trail that the community could avail of.
Question 8. What is your proudest achievement in business?
That’s an easy question. My proudest achievement is the team of people I have built within Rowan. Thankfully all of them are much brighter than me. They are the future of the business and I love to see people develop, enjoy the challenges of their work, bond with each other and grow in confidence. I hope that I have the capability to create the environment that allows them to flourish.
Question 9. Have you any advice that you would give to somebody looking to get started in business?
I love Henry Ford’s quote “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” If you have the right attitude, are willing to learn, do any job and get things done, then you can do anything you want.

Rowan Engineering Consultants

Rowan Engineering Consultants

Rowan was founded in 1998 by Tom Rowan. It is a respected multi-disciplinary company that specialises in forensic and environmental engineering.

It is a growing company with two offices in Ireland (Trim, Co. Meath and Oranmore, Co. Galway) and our expert engineers and scientists provide a wide range of expertise to clients throughout Ireland, Europe and Africa.  

Our clients include leading insurance companies, local authorities, state companies, solicitors and private industrial and commercial companies. Our highly skilled and experienced team includes chartered engineers and environmental scientists who are constantly developing their skills through continuing professional development (CPD). Our aim is to provide our clients with clear and comprehensive reports and advice on complex and technical matters.   We provide two main services: forensic engineering and environmental consultancy:      

  • Our forensic engineering team provide independent expert witness services to a range of leading insurance companies, local authorities and private industrial and commercial companies.  Forensic engineering involves investigating an accident, furnishing a professional opinion on liability and providing expert evidence to assist the court.  Our objective is to provide an engineering report which presents complex and technical subjects in a clear, easy to understand manner with assisting photographs, maps and appendices.      
  • We offer a comprehensive range of environmental consultancy services, for both the public and private sectors. As environmental legislation is becoming ever more stringent, we help our clients meet their statutory environmental requirements, such as EPA licensing, waste management and environmental impact assessments. We have an in-house team of qualified and experienced environmental consultants, engineers and ecologists who assist our clients in meeting the requirements set by government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local authorities.  
Business categories: Engineering Services
Contact name: Tom Rowan
Address: Unit 14 Scurlockstown Business Park, Trim, Meath, C15 H008, Ireland