Navan Choral & Instrumental Festival (4th-12th May) – A Major Opportunity to ENGAGE with 4,000+ visitors to Navan.




Navan Choral & Instrumental Festival 2019 – A Major Opportunity to ENGAGE with 4,000+ visitors to Navan.


Did YOU know…..

  • Navan Choral & Instrumental Festival is one of Ireland's primary Choral Festivals.
  • 2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Choral Festival in Navan (Est. 1979).
  • The festival runs for 7 days - from Saturday 4th to Sunday 12th May.
  • 4,000+ people will visit Navan throughout the week of the Navan Choral & Instrumental Festival.
  • Competitors generally travel by bus or car along with their families and supporters. The majority are day trippers but a percentage of the groups will be staying in Navan overnight.


Don’t miss out on YOUR opportunity to ENGAGE!

  • Meath Chamber are collaborating with the festival organisers to promote Navan and all it has to offer to the 4,000+ visitors (from all over the country) who will be visiting from 4th-12th May. 
  • We have developed a page on our website to promote Navan businesses to those attending the Navan's Choral & Instrumental Festival.
  • We are offering you an opportunity to create YOUR own festival offer/promotion.  Just email events@countymeathchamber.iewith the full details and we will populate the page.
  • The goal is to encourage visitors to experience and spend in Navan rather than leave directly after their performance and stop to shop and eat and on their way back home - which unfortunately the vast majority currently do!
  • A link to our festival offers page will be added to the Choral Festival’s website.
  • A link to the festival offers page will be circulated to all those attending in advance of the festival so that they can plan their itinerary.
  • There are various opportunities for YOUR businesses to 'Foster/Adopt a Choir' - A pop-up LIVE performance in/at your premises during the week of the festival.  If you are interested in exploring this opportunity please let us know....


Simple steps which YOUR Business can take:

  • Take a moment to understand a little more about the festival and its origins.
  • Ensure your front of house staff are aware of the festival, the various types of competitions that run, age groups etc, etc.
  • Encourage your staff to spread the word that ALL competitions are FREE of charge and open to the public as spectators.
  • Ensure to extend a warm Navan welcome to anyone visiting your business during the period of the festival.
  • Explore the possibility of incorporating a musical theme when decorating your shop window in early May.
  • Include a mention/message of support to the festival in your online promotions in advance of and during the period of the festival.
  • Use the hashtags: #NCIF2019  #40yearanniversary
  • Follow the festival on Twitter: @NavanChoral 
  • Like the festival on Facebook:


How to submit YOUR Festival Offer:

  • Please email you Navan Choral Festival special offers to
  • Deadline for submission is Monday 29th April @ 5pm. 
  • For more information on how to 'Foster/Adopt a Choir' please phone 046 9046060.