Construction Industry Federation


Training & Development

This long-established service department has been delivering consistently for CIF members and non- CIF members over a number of decades. Our watch word is quality with strong customer focus while providing accredited programs. The T&D Department has been delivering high quality training for the construction sector for many years.

Over the past ten years, the Department has focused on providing a wide range of training programs to meet our members needs for staff development whilst enabling member companies to meet their legislative and compliance needs.

The Department is responsible for developing new program content as well as working with strategic delivery partners to meet our member needs. As part of this work, the CIF Manpower, Education & Training Sub Committee to the CIF Executive Body are consulted on training needs and future provision of training for the wider construction sector; this subcommittee is supported by Dermot Carey, CIF Director & Robert Butler, CIF Head of Department.

In 2016, the CIF Virtual Academy was launched to provide quality online learning that is readily available to members at a time and place which suits the learner. We have developed a number of test programs to establish what our member’s needs are and how best we can develop content to meet the ever-growing demand for online training programs.

Head Office

Construction House, Canal Road, Dublin 6

(01) 406 6000