Meath Women in Business Seminar - Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Meath Women in Business Seminar - Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Meath Women in Business Seminar

Thursday 22nd of November 2018, The Donkey Shed (New Barn Farm) @ 6.00pm - COST: €25.00

1. Margaret Hoctor:  Life Coach 
2. Yvonne Ruiter:  Owner of the Donkey Shed Restaurant

Margaret Hoctor

My working world as I had known it for 16 years changed forever on the 1st of October 2013. My Senior Director role in a leading Global Research company was no longer required. Although I had seen the changes coming, when I was made redundant I was still shocked. It was extremely difficult.

We all deal with situations differently. Mine was to start the next morning and pick every apple in the quiet orchard on our family farm and make sure it all turned into apple juice. I was fortunate to have such a lovely place to go to. I then assisted my husband to sell his lamb directly off the farm. Thankfully the farm is doing well and we have very loyal clients.

However there continued to be a void or something missing in terms of what I could offer. I love working with people, finding solutions, seeing the ‘bigger picture’, so I went on a journey of discovery by doing various courses to see if I could find something that would interest me but also allow me to add value to not only my life but others. This is when I discovered my passion for coaching and ultimately led to my qualification in life coaching.

I find having lived a varied life, including 12 years abroad, I have gained experience in various roles. I aim to ask the very question that can make the difference and unlock the potential in people.  My belief is simply this …we have just the one life … so If I can ask the question or facilitate a process, or help break down a belief that may be holding you back from moving forward, I can enable you to live the life you deserve.

Yvonne Ruiter

Newbarn farm is a family run farm set on 33 acres near Ashbourne, Co. Meath, owned by William and Yvonne Ruiter.
William and Yvonne are passionate horticulturists and have been growing vegetables for nearly forty years.

Initially growing vegetables for supermarkets, William and Yvonne became frustrated with the waste resulting from the supermarkets demands for more packaging on fresh produce and wanting produce that was uniformly the one shape and size. They also disliked the amount of time it took their lovingly grown vegetables to get from their farm to the final customer.

Deciding to cut out the middle man, William and Yvonne opened Newbarn Farm Shop in 2004, selling their home-grown vegetables from a small corner of the farm shed directly to the customer. The shop has expanded over the years but the focus is still very much on supplying our customers with the freshest and best quality farm produce we can.

Not content with just selling fruit and vegetables and wanting to share their passion for fresh ingredients, William and Yvonne opened up The Donkey Shed Restaurant in 2011. An excellent home cook, Yvonne worked closely with our kitchen team in creating our menu and our delicious scones are made exactly to Yvonne’s own recipe.  Yvonne and William’s son, Andrew, upon completing his studies in horticulture also works on the farm and is involved in growing and sourcing fruit and vegetables for the Farm Shop. Saskia joined the farm in 2011 and works in the restaurant.

6.00pm - 6.40:  Registration, Refreshments, Networking, EXPO
6.45pm - 8.15pm:  Guest Speakers
8.15pm - 9.00pm:  Refreshments, Networking, EXPO

COST €25.00 - (Includes refreshments, speakers, networking, expo)

County Meath Women in Business Network is an initiative of Local Enterprise Office in partnership with County Meath Chamber to encourage and support women who are starting business or are already up and running.  It aims to encourage, empower and connect women working/living in Co. Meath and its environs through firendly collaboration. Our Women in Business Network can provide easy access to a supportive network, expert speakers, and mentors to maximise your success and growth potential.  Join us for the September Seminar - full details below......




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