County Meath Chamber welcomes Network Upgrade


County Meath Chamber welcomes Network Upgrade

County Meath Chamber welcomes the decision of Eirgrid to advance the Kildare Meath Network upgrade and to select an underground option for the project. This upgrade is crucial to the social and economic development of the county.

The improved connectivity will provide vital infrastructure to transfer power generated in the west of the country to the high demand areas of the east including Co Meath. This include significant power generated from renewable sources which are crucial to addressing climate change while fostering economic growth and employment.

“It is the clear that this upgrade is needed to ensure a robust power network which is vital for the economy of both counties and the wider midlands region. Constraints around the availability of electricity is already limiting some planned investments, this project is vital to ensure security of supply so that they might go ahead boosting the economy at a time when it faces the twin threats of Brexit and Covid.” John V Farrelly, President of County Meath Chamber


The selection of an underground option is to be welcomed and follows on from an extensive public consultation process in 2020 during which Eirgrid directly engaged with the Meath Business Owners Network. The underground option involves the provision of 50km of cable to be installed on public roads where possible. This will minimise disruption to land and property during the works. The selected option will also minimise disruption to power supply during construction.

“The next phase of consultation will be undertaken later in the year and County Meath Chamber will be happy to facilitate the participation of the business community in the process. Eirgrid has developed a well-resourced consultation model that supports engagement with communities and businesses and County Meath Chamber are always ready to support consultations with the business community. Such a process is vital to informed debate”. Paula McCaul, CEO County Meath Chamber